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Designed from the ground up for everyday riding in Nordic climates.
No other bikes have all this combined in the same bike:
Extra long mudguards, hydraulic disc brakes, permanently fastened headlight and tail light, and mechanical components exclusively from Shimano's top series.
In addition, Coffee has large wheels, adjustable handlebar, built-in brake light, stainless steel bolts and nuts, 3×10 speeds and many other carefully designed features for daily riding.

  • Coffee med høy stang - Sett fra høyre side
  • Coffee med høy stang - Sett skrått forfra / høyre side
  • Coffee med høy stang - Sett forfra
  • Coffee med høy stang - Sett skrått forfra / venstre side
  • Coffee med høy stang - Sett fra venstre side
  • Coffee med høy stang - Sett skrått bakfra / venstre side
  • Coffee med høy stang - Sett bakfra
  • Coffee med høy stang - Sett skrått bakfra / høyre side


Coffee - Shimano-utstyr

All mechanical components are from Shimano's top series:
Deore XT: rear derailleur, chain
Deore LX: front hub, rear hub
Deore: front derailleur, gear levers, cassette, chainwheels, bottom bracket, crank arms, brake discs
Deore 446/445: brake callipers, brake handles
(Explanation of the Shimano series)

Beware of bikes that advertise an XT rear derailleur, while many other mechanical components are not mentioned. Components that are not mentioned are most likely of cheaper quality.



Coffee - Hjul

Designed with proper mudguards that extend far enough to the front and rear of both wheels, that are fitted close to the wheels and held properly in position by stays — so you don't have to change clothes when you arrive at your destination. The front mudguard extends further down behind the front wheel than on any other bike we've seen, in order to catch as much as possible of the water spray.
Robust quality material: laminated aluminium and plastic.



Coffee - Gear

Trekking / hybrid bike: large wheels (28" / 622 mm rim) like a road bike, but flat handlebar and riding style similar to a mountain bike.

Number of speeds: 3 × 10 (‘30-speed’, in reality 14 different gear ratios) with a large span from the lowest to the highest gear.

Hydraulic disc brakes, which are self-adjusting and provide excellent braking power unaffected by water and dirt on the rims — for maximum safety and freedom from tinkering.

Fully equipped with extra long mudguards, lights, rear rack, kickstand, spoke reflectors, and so on. If you ask to have this retrofitted on a bike not originally built with such equipment, you most likely end up with ineffective mudguards and impractical lights.

The hub dynamo produces no noticeable drag (unlike a traditional dynamo that rolls on the tyre), you always have working lights without battery hassle, you don't need to take the lights with you when you park, and you don't need to remember to switch off the lights when you park. We recommend that you always ride with the lights on, even during daytime.

Powerful diode headlight and tail light from Busch & Müller with standlight functionality, storing a small charge so that the lights continue to shine for a couple of minutes when stopped at a junction. The tail light has a large lit-up area instead of just a dot in the middle, and it has a built-in brake light as well — for maximum traffic safety.

Stainless steel bolts and nuts and most other metal parts that are not aluminium.

Many other carefully thought-out features for usability and reliability.

(Click here for detailed specifications.)


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